The Language Xchange Ireland team.....

  • - Is highly experienced in delivering student programmes
  • - Thoroughly checks all Voluntary Work Placement providers and Host Families
  • - Has 100% Health and Safety record
  • - Supports students and teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while in Ireland
  • - Has a transparent fee structure with no hidden costs
  • - Delivers an orientation meeting for all students on arrival in Ireland. In addition to providing useful information for students, the orientation establishes expectations of Language Xchange Ireland and work placement providers, also assisting students to become familiar with the geography of the local town and Irish culture. The content of our orientation has been complimented by teachers “as lessons [students] will learn for life” (Austrian teacher))
  • - Asks students to provide feedback at cessation of work and Host Family placements to inform future work placement and Host Family selection
  • - Provides certification of each student’s work experience in an English speaking business environment

Why choose Ireland as a destination?

  • - Our Host Family structure provides students with a renowned Irish welcome and warm, friendly hospitality. Our caring Host Families provide accommodation, meals (including daily packed lunch), information and support, and transport to and from Voluntary Work Placement, Business English Language School, Summer Language School or Internship Work Placement

    - We provide an extensive e-Learning package prior to the programme which prepares your students for Ireland and the Irish experience.

    - We provide an extensive "Frequently Asked Questions" section which our students have access to 24hours a day once registered.

    - Language Xchange Ireland have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 for our Quality Management System and consistant approach to self improvement.

  • - Students are immersed in Irish daily life, providing an opportunity to also practice and improve their conversational English language skills

  • - Our programmes are all based in beautiful Irish towns where the Language Xchange Ireland team can provide local knowledge and guidance, delivering peace of mind for parents and teachers

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