With the release of the Erasmus + guide 2021-’27 we see three strong areas of focus.

1) A need for a more inclusive and cohesive society and thus greater demand for the Erasmus+ programs.

2) A strong emphasis on digital innovation and efficiency.

3) A strong emphasis on a greener and more sustainable future interlinked and associated with the Erasmus+ program.

So how can LXI help your Erasmus Project Application meet these new targets?

As market leaders in our student “Work Placement / Experience Program” for many years now – Language Xchange Ireland have introduced a paperless offering for the last 7 years and retained our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for 3 years. No other work placement provider in Ireland or the UK, holds three ISO certifications in the following areas: Quality, Environment and Safety & Health.

Equally in our pursuit of excellence – Language Xchange Ireland has been a force in digital integration in our programs for the past seven years with our CRM – Customer Relations Management system. Once you engage with LXI clients are integrated into a paperless, digital, smart and AI lead efficient hub – one that we are glad to see Erasmus + embrace.

The Language Xchange Ireland Platform is based on the following green principles and track record:

i) Our web site and social media accounts are our Brochure. LXI have never printed a catalogue or posted thousands of printed materials around Europe during our business expansion phase.

ii) All correspondence are via email.

iii) Schools, Students, Teachers, Host Families, Irish Companies, Suppliers, Staff and all personnel register on our site, and we integrate these networks and activities via our CRM system. We have not received a paper CV through the letter box in 8 years. No large filing cabinets exist in our office.

iv) Our Free online “Program Preparation Package” prepares the students based in Ireland for work experience and links them with their Irish work experience providers, digitally on-line.

v) All Frequently Asked Questions are addressed in detail on our CRM.

vi) Students are assigned to host families and companies via our CRM system and all parties login to meet and learn about their new visitor and read the program schedule.

vii) Our Diary of events is described on our CRM and in compliance with the specific requirements of the Erasmus+ program – this information is accessible via each participant’s mobile phone.
viii)Our site and data depositories and management systems are fully GDPR compliant.

During the last year LXI have introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to their assessment programme. Our Online English Academy uses AI to assess each student, and to match the student to the correct competence level of English tuition. The AI programme assesses which learning approach of the 12 learning methods best suits each student and thus delivers their courses, at the correct level, in the most suitable learning styles.

This year LXI have introduced the largest and most successful Sales CRM to its business model to prepare for the launch of our New Ka1 Staff training mobility offering in 2022. This CRM system utilises a robot and AI to engage with customers 24/7 and will thus assure a smooth transition from the current system of disparate functions to a fully integrated management system. This system will control customer enquiries, bookings, monitoring student attendance and participation, as well as student evaluation and subsequent life-long learning experiences within LXI.

With a target market of # 35 EU countries and 15 to 20 EU languages, we are now working with a new ‘start up’ initiative on producing AI video introductions in 15 different languages to welcome our customers and provide briefing on essential arrival at their destinations. This small business in rural Ireland will soon have its own ‘Avatar’ included in our team of 12.

LXI have also introduced a new bespoke ‘Online Conferencing Facility’ software programme for future orientation training and English classes. This programme will provide a digital classroom experience between the teacher and student well into the future and is now part of our CRM platform. LXI are not forgetting that people influence other people and real life learning in an authentic work environment is invaluable for our students – technology is the tool that facilitates our blended learning approach.

With this state of the art and multifunctional digitalisation in place and three layers of AI / Robotics joining the team – the future of this Irish Partner company looks very bright indeed. As digitalisation must become part of your schools ‘2021-’27 Erasmus +’ program, Language Xchange Ireland is an ideal Erasmus Partner Company for your programme in Ireland. We cater for Student Work programs, Teacher / Staff Mobility programs and Student Business English programs, in the South East of Ireland. We would be delighted if you would join our digitally enhanced experience!

Through Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence – in Language Xchange Ireland, we Make Learning Unforgettable!

For updates and our new program launch details – please keep in touch; post you name and email address to LXI via our Contacts page
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