Do you wish to improve your students' chances of employment? Do students & employees wish to become more employable? Do employees wish to earn a promotion? A unique feature of LXI's English language programs is our dual focus on improving students' English at the same time as teaching essential employment and life skills.

How do we achieve this?

With improved English a canditate is more employable. We place our students in a commericial work environment to improve their speaking confidence in our high quality Voluntary Work Placement programs & Traineeships. Students also have free access to the following supplementary features of all our programs....


With more than 50 hours of videos and tutorials, our unique on-line eLearning resource teaches employment and life skills through the English language. Topics include:

- How to do social media marketing

- Workplace health & safety notices

- Reading body language of work colleagues

- How to make a cappuccino
- How to dress a table in a restaurant

- How to impress on your first week at work

- How to carry plates in a restaurant

- Displaying initiative and motivation at work

- Preparing for the work environment in another country

- What employers want

- Employer interviews
- Principles of selling and closing a sale
- Workplace Ethics
- Following your passion
- Interviews with empowering leaders
- Climbing the corporate ladder
- Business buzzwords
- Excellent customer service
- Common business expressions

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Another unique LXI feature, on arrival in Ireland students attend an Orientation session dealing with several essential tips for employment including....appropriate work wear, tips for your first day and week at work, body language in the work place, demonstrating motivation to your employer, punctuality, dos and do-nots in the work place, professionalism, being part of a team, how to impress your employer...and more...


LXI provides a personalised, supportive experience in which students are closely supervised and receive feedback about how they performed, providing a wonderful opportunity to practice and improve work place competency!

We aim to develop lasting relationships with students and teachers who come through our doors and will 'go the extra mile' for any student who truly wants to gain employment.

Watch our student testimonial video on our YouTube Channel!

4 of our programs which will enhance your English & Curriculum Vitae while putting a "business head" on young shoulders are:

1) Our Voluntary Work Placement Program (2 to 4 weeks)

2) Our Internship Program (4 to 10 weeks)

3) Our Business English Academy

4) Our Culinary English Language Academy

All of these programs are open to Erasmus + grant aid and LXI will be glad to furnish you with the information required to apply for grant aid.


Language Xchange Ireland also advertise suitable jobs in Ireland for our former students to apply for - check out our News Feeds & Facebook page regularly. Our objective is to increase your employability!

More information on all of the above can be found on "Our Services" page.

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