Not all classrooms have walls.

Following many years to visiting EU schools, talking to Directors of school and Erasmus coordinators LXI have continuously been asked for a new travel based Ka1 staff mobility program that will attract teachers back to mobility programs, and give participants a sense of autonomy and learning satisfaction. “Can you make it more appealing to our staff, we have the budget, but no volunteers?

Yet, despite this need and a globally disruptive pandemic and almost ‘death by Zoom’ – 2022 Ka1 Teacher Training and Staff Mobilities are set to return to classrooms, all over Europe.The EU digital decade has begun, it is here now, and teachers must experience a digital / AI learning experience soon, or education will be left behind once again.

In recent weeks Language Xchange Ireland have released our “Digital / Smart / AI “ English Language Course offering, and it has being received with an enormous show of support and interest.Teachers are truly excited with the opportunity to travel Ireland, visits its attractions and meet Erasmus project targets, all in one program.There is a huge appetite for outside learning and use of technology.

Thankfully, Erasmus Ka1 staff mobilities will support Language Learning Programs going forward, so

Why return to a classroom-based English Course on your mobility when it is not necessary

1) Why enter a room for a week – when Technology allows you learn while travelling and away from a classroom?

LXI have designed a ‘server & platform’ that allows you learn while on a coach tour, or using wifi or hotspot zone, at your choice of location and keeping socially distanced from your fellow learners. Participants can login over breakfast, while on a coach, when resting in a scenic location, in a café or a pint of Guinness that evening.All lessons are 30-45mins in duration and you set / meet your program targets

2) Why share a classroom, a teacher and a lesson plan – when our Artificial Intelligence Tutor will deliver your course, bespoke to your needs?

LXI’s licensed software is 30 years of development and has a global marketplace behind it.It delivers languages courses bespoke to everyone logged in – at their Level of English, allowing learning at their own pace.It offers blended and flipped learning processes within each level of over 40 hours of combined learning units.This software consists of over 1,600 vocabulary units, hundreds of hours of content in oral, reading, pronunciation and listening lessons. It has 12 different methods of delivering a lesson – to suit every learner. It is actively used by Governments around the world, most especially the US military and United Nations to prepare staff for overseas missions.

3) Why share a classroom; preforming a single group ‘task/exercise’ when there are 12 different teaching methods with tasks used on our digital platform?

LXI will know within 45 minutes how you prefer to learn a language and, all subsequent lessons will be delivered by that learning technique.Each participant can press ‘play / pause’ as they wish and manage their inputs and program outcomes hourly. You no longer have to ‘keep up’ or ‘wait for’ others to progress, in a classroom setting. Your English lesson will be progressive and monitored continuously and delivered at your pace, in your preferred format.

4) Why have only walls to look at – when your 5x minute break could involve looking at the beautiful Irish countryside, from an elevated coach window, when travelling to a scenic / historical Irish attraction?

LXI will provide all learning with a Tablet, Mic/head-phones and access to our learning platform while travelling to attractions on a luxury coach.Use you travel time productively, engage with our 30 – 45 second “points of attraction” features videos and learn as you travel, informed from your seat.

5) Why attend a morning class, to have nothing to do in the afternoon on day 3, 4 & 5 of your program?

LXI we bring you to 3, 5 or 7 day tours plus attractions, based on the program you choose, transporting you around Ireland to engage, learn and experience the beauty of our country and culture. To speak with Irish people in numerous towns and villages and engage with others at our key attractions (entrance fee included).See Ireland, its attractions and learn throughout the day.Be the first to experience a combined Travel and Education Program, starting the EU’s Digital Decade.

6) Why share a small classroom; when you can fulfil your course commitments from any location with good Wifi or Hotspot?

Your program requirements will be laid out at the beginning of the week and you can manage your course time, pick your class location and control your daily schedule. Our unique innovative technology allows you freedom and autonomy.

7) Why attend a day of Zoom / Team’s lessons when 2, 4 or 6 hours of our one-hour conference is sufficient alongside the platform activities and digital lessons?

Approximately every second evening a one hour “conference discussion” will take place with a native English Teacher – to offer a blended learning experience and improve your spoken English.Your daily movement around Ireland will allow you much more opportunities to engage with Irish people, than in a small classroom. We might even give you a few questions to ask along your travels!

8) Why wait for a Tutor to hear and correct your pronunciation in class, when all Key words / phrases are audio delivered and your mic can record and compare each and every pronunciation you make, in an exercise?

You control the pace of your learning experience with the expertise of AI monitoring all your inputs and making vital corrections – minute by minute.Our software tools include: Pronunciation Practice, Speaking Multiple Choice, Matching, Dictation, Listening, Multiple Choice, Listening Recognition, Sentence Unscrambling, Language Comparison, Typing Tutor, Spelling Inspector, Fill In the Blanks, Produce and Say It, Produce and Write It, Recognise and Say It, Recognise and Write It Etc.

9) Why return to pre-pandemic mobility model when an experienced and strong digital solution is now available – in line with Erasmus + / EU commissions, Digital Decade?

LXI digitalized its “Work Placement Program” management process seven years ago – it launched program preparation e-learning 5 years ago that transformed program outcomes – LXI currently uses Artificial Intelligence in two departments and hopes to add a third AI support early next year.

Meet your digital program objectives – partner with Language Xchange Ireland – E10178135 – Come to Ireland for our friendly welcome, engage with our Team of #10 staff daily and enjoy a traditional Irish KA1 staff mobility, utilizing the new digital age.

10) Why fly to a country, fail to see its key attractions, meet its people and learn their culture and traditions – while you sit in a small classroom?

LXI have dozens of “Points of Attraction” information videos that present themselves to you, keeping you informed as you stop at or pass these attractions. All information is presented in video format, in spoken English and with subtitles to ensure all participants comprehend the content.If you require additional information – press our “Random Irish Point” button and more information will be delivered to your tablet via headphones.

As you travel around Ireland, you will also have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful & picturesque landscapes that Ireland has to offer. Combine that with the history of the regions that you are passing through and you have ‘the makings of an unforgettable mobility’.

Following your daily activities, you will have time to visit a fantastic Irish pub: cozy and welcoming, with a traditional charm that makes it a real favorite for almost all visitors to Ireland.It is the place to find lively local music, a well-stocked bar, a friendly atmosphere, and good conversation. Also, use this time to network with other participants.

11) Why start and finish you learning experience at the end of 5, 7 or 10 days of mobility?

LXI will give all our language course participants two months (24/7) access to our learning platform, to ensure you receive excellent value for money, your English improves significantly, and you will be able to return in 2023/24 for an advanced course or to attend one of our Teacher Training continuous professional development courses (to be launched).

12) Why stay in program inclusive accommodation when you can choose your own accommodation, to meet your budget and preferences?

LXI will provide a list of accommodation available from country cottages to hotels and everything in between., and AirB&B are excellent resources and allow teacher autonomy over your mobility accommodation. LXI is on hand to answer any accommodation questions.

13) Why must #6 or #12 or #18 mobility staff from the same school sit in many different classrooms, or attend different language schools, according to their level of English?

LXI wants to promote inclusion and close group dynamics.As each participant is availing of their own bespoke language course on their tablet, the group can travel and experience Ireland together in the best format for the group; once daily course content targets are achieved.No longer will school mobilities fly staff to the four corners of Europe.Eventually, LXI will have a full catalogue of course to attend from the South East of Ireland - facilitating large groups and quality life-long networking.Our blended learning, Flipped Learning, existing LXI Area Manager support structure and maximum use of digital supports will all contribute to the fulfilment of our motto - “make learning unforgettable.

14) Why limit your course budget by not having a digital class on each day you are present in Ireland?

LXI wants you to maximise your Erasmus+ budget and we have content for each and every day you are present, in Ireland.Airport transfers are included in all programs, to allow participants to avail of their introduction and first classes on arrival when travelling to your town / city in the south east of Ireland.Our digital offering is also available on smart phones and time wasted in transit or airport terminals, can be used productively.Our English Programs are 5, 7 or 10 days in duration for 2021 / 22.Each day is a day to learn.

15) Why limit your program networking capacity to 5 - 8 participants of the same course?

LXI will travel using a #53 seater coach, and while Covid remains, our maximum capacity will be #25 participants per coach.Everyone will get a window seat and have an empty seat beside them.This large group will be diverse, international and offer a lot of networking capacity.Also, as you travel around Ireland to the many attractions, one gets to meet many Irish people in the small Irish towns, that we will stop for breaks, on route to our key attraction.Because one is not in a classroom all morning – you have greater opportunity to meet others and practice your English.Participants can decide to sit in a park and complete their online English course and engage with park walkers and their pets all day – the choice is yours!

Enter the Digital Decade with Language Xchange Ireland – a school’s digital learning must start with its staff.Let’s lead by example – choose LXI as your KA1 Project Partner Company and start planning your trip to Ireland today!

Location for your next Ka1 program: choose Ireland for 2022 /’23

Partner Company: choose Language Xchange Ireland.

Essential numbers:OID No. E10178135.PIC No. 935038873.

With new innovative technology – classrooms no longer need walls – new technology mobilizes the information deliver processes. Digital learning must start with Teacher Training before, it will filter into the classroom.Experience digital and AI learning with Language Xchange Ireland on your Erasmus Ka1 Staff Mobility Project.

Language Xchange Ireland - ‘Making Learning Unforgettable!’

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